Cost-effectiveness of Psychedelic Therapy vs. Other Treatments

Cost-effectiveness of Psychedelic Therapy vs. Other Treatments

October 21, 2021

When it comes to the cost of ketamine treatment, remember this:

It’s worth it -- you are worth it.

Infusions can seem like a more expensive option, but they come with tremendous benefits. Here's why ketamine infusions are more cost-effective than other treatments.

What is Depression Costing You?

Depression costs America an average of $210 billion a year, and that’s just the financial side of it.

You have to recognize that money is one type of cost. Finding a solution for depression and anxiety can also be draining on your finite supply of time, energy, and resources.

Depression can make working hard and having a family difficult. It can also lead to other bad things like addiction.

While you may spend less money on “traditional” antidepressants, any amount of money is a waste if the treatment doesn't work. In this case, half of patients do not get any relief from their depression.

Antidepressants only stave off a relapse into depression for about 50% of patients.

Many people try different types of antidepressants and doses. Some do this for months without any guarantee that they will be successful or with many side-effects. In the end, some people still have depression.

What Ketamine Infusion Costs

We offer a package of six ketamine infusions for $4,000 which includes:

With the support and guidance from medical, therapeutic, and spiritual professionals, the process works to promote sustainable help.

Why Ketamine Is Worth It

While it’s easy to focus on how much ketamine could cost you, think about how not being depressed could change your life.

For those who feel they have tried everything, ketamine provides a ray of hope. These treatments can help people who have treatment-resistant depression.

Even if you hit the lottery of a successful antidepressant prescription, it can take weeks to see noticeable improvement. Ketamine, however, allows patients the possibility of experiencing results within hours. For some, that can make all the difference.

Ketamine is getting a lot of attention from doctors. It might be the best way to prevent suicide and help reduce suicidality, anxiety, OCD and physical pain.

If ketamine can restore your life, it's worth it.

You can make your life better and make the money back that you spent on treatment. Patients need to think about how they will feel when their days are easier and love is more possible.

Tools to Heal Yourself For Life

Now, ketamine infusions can be life-changing. But they may not be a permanent fix. Many visitors come back for repeated sessions. But ketamine teaches you how to heal yourself and provides sustainable possibilities moving forward.

How so?

By altering the glutamate receptors.

To communicate mood, neurons use a chemical called glutamate. They need to glutamate receptors . For some with depression, these receptors are not so accepting of glutamate.

Ketamine can help the activity of glutamate receptors which may help with depression. It can also make other depression treatments work better.

Discover what psychedelic medicine can do for you.

Our mission is to help people achieve mental wellness safely… so they can transcend their emotional pain, and live a free and fulfilling life. Book an appointment.

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