The Therapeutic Journey

A compassionate and loving voyage within to foster new beginnings.

Is this for me?

Do you feel blocked, stuck, or down?

Are you lacking purpose or engaging in destructive behaviors?

Do you feel like you are on the wrong path?

Do you suffer from painful mood disorders like PTSD, depression, anxiety, or OCD?

Are you dependent on alcohol or opioids?

Do you have self-image issues that manifests itself as an eating disorder?

Do you live with pain on a daily basis?

If you said yes to any of these, a series of therapeutic journeys might help you hit the reset button and allow you to start living again.

Take the first step

“Once you have a mystical experience and get your first glance behind the veil, you can never go back to business as usual, and with every subsequent mystical experience, you move closer to source, wholeness, oneness, and the indivisible unified field”.

Joe Dispenza

What to Expect

Nushama therapeutic journeys use sub-anesthetic doses of Ketamine, to occasion an ego-dissolving inner exploration. Unlike most medications which pharmacologically produce a healing response, Ketamine provides a doorway into your consciousness for you to explore and experience.  

These psychedelic (or mind-manifesting) experiences are normally very relaxing and calming and you may have visual sensations of vivid colors or fractal patterns.  This may be followed by a separation from your usual state of thinking, and it may feel like you are awake but on a different plane of consciousness.  You may feel a separation from your body and some revisit people, places, or events from their past. Generally, you feel a warm and loving state of presence and are able to compassionately and patiently process subject matter that you would normally avoid or that you suppressed deep in your subconscious.

Our Protocol

Medical Assessment

Nushama patient's medical history and medication to confirm no contraindication. Full pre-treatment testing including urine and blood tests, blood pressure and EKG to ensure Ketamine is an appropriate treatment.

Psychedelic treatment sessions

Nushama anesthesiologists typically administer 6 treatments/infusions over a 2-4 week period, receiving up to 2 infusions per week. The treatments take place in a dimly lit environment with ambient music. Vitals and anesthesia levels are constantly monitored by Nushama doctors to ensure the highest level of safety.


Nushama physicians and guides work with patients with the intention of helping the patient glean insights from their experiences. While integration can also include practices like yoga, journaling, meditation, mindfulness techniques, or listening to music that was heard during the psychedelic treatment, the idea is to help individuals tap into their inner healer.

Follow Up

Nushama therapists work with patients to ensure the effects are long lasting. If necessary, depending on the patient, they might require additional integration or "booster" sessions.

Common Questions